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Solve - Top face Corner pieces

  • A Rubik's cube with bottom and middle layers completed.
  • Also a complete top yellow face on top layer.
  • A Rubik's cube with bottom and middle layer completed.
  • Also top layer with complete yellow top face and corner pieces completed.

Before start solving this step, we need to check the state of the Rubik's cube.
  • Case1: Top layer corner pieces completed.
  • Case2: Two adjacent corner pieces of one of its side face has same colour.
  • Case3: No two adjacent corner pieces of any of the side faces has same colour.
Steps to be followed to solve "Top face - Corner pieces"
We need to perform different moves based on the state of Rubik's cube as discussed below.

If Case1: No need to perform this step and you can go to Step7 skipping Step6.
If Case2: Hold the Rubik's cube such that the face having two adjacent corners pieces with same colour as back face. Then perform the algorithm which should reposition the corner pieces and place them in correct orientation.

If Case3: Hold the Rubik's cube with white as bottom face and any side face as back face. Then perform the algorithm once which should bring the Rubik's cube to Case2 discussed above.
Perform the moves we have for Case2 to solve Top face corner pieces.

NOTE: What actually happens when we perform the algorithm (Ri,F,Ri,B180,R,Fi,Ri,B180,R180) mentioned in this step?
The corner pieces on the top layer move clockwise without disturbing the other pieces that are already set in correct locations as mentioned in the below diagram in which the top yellow face is shown.

Click the below link to watch my video on Solving Rubik's cube - Step6 (or find the same video in Videos-Demo page of this blog).

Demo: Solving Rubik's cube - Step6

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