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Solve - Complete Middle layer

  • The bottom white face completed (i.e bottom layer completed).
  • A "T" shape on all the side faces.
  • A Rubik's cube with bottom and middle layer completed.
We need to bring the middle layer edge pieces into their respective positions.

Steps to be followed to solve "Middle layer"

  • Hold the cube such that the white face is the bottom face.
  • Now look for any of the middle layer edge pieces available on the top yellow layer.
  • Select the edge piece that satisfy the above step.
  • Rotate the top layer such that the side colour of the selected edge piece matches with center colour of any of the side faces.
  • Rotate the Top layer 90 degrees away from the face that has the colour we have it on the selected edge piece top.
  • Rotate 90 degrees upwards, the face that has the colour we have it on the selected edge piece top.
  • Rotate the top layer 90 degrees towards you.
  • Rotate 90 degrees downwards, the face that we rotated 90 degrees upwards in the previous step above..
  • Now one of the bottom white corner piece is disturbed and available on the top layer with white colour on side one of the side faces.
  • Now fix the disturbed white corner piece with the steps we have discussed in Step2 (Solve Complete White face).
  • Once the white corner piece is fixed, we can observe that the selected edge piece is automatically fixed in the correct position in the middle layer.

Click the below link to watch my video on Solving Rubik's cube - Step3 (or find the same video in Videos-Demo page of this blog).

Demo: Solving Rubik's cube - Step3

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