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Solve - White cross

  • A messed up Rubik's cube.
  • A white cross on the white face of Rubik's cube. 

Steps to be followed to solve "White Cross"
  • Move all the white edge pieces to the face opposite to white face (usually yellow) such that white facing top face.
  • Select any one of the white edge piece.
  • Rotate the yellow face such that the other colour of the selected white edge piece matches with side face center piece.
  • Rotate the same face to bring the selected white edge piece to the white face.
  • Repeat the above steps 2, 3 and 4 for each white edge piece placed on the yellow face to bring them to white face.
  • Now the white cross should have been solved.

Click the below link to watch my video on Solving Rubik's cube - Step1 (or find the same video in Videos-Demo page of this blog).

Demo: Solving Rubik's cube - Step1

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